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GoldenEye ROM: Bonding with the Fans

GoldenEye is the seventeenth British spy film in the James Bond series and is the first to star Pierce Brosnan, who is now debatably the most popular actor to feature the role as the main character, Officer 007 James Bond. With the massive commercial success of the film, Rare decided to develop a first-person shooter video game and release it for the Nintendo 64 Video Game Console. It took two and a half years to develop this outstanding video game so if you are interested in trying this out, you need to download the GoldenEye ROM first.

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The Alluring Gameplay

The game showcases this shooting game from a first-person view perspective. It features both single and multiplayer modes wherein the Single Mode allows the player to take the role of James Bond himself, whilst in the multiplayer mode, it is a mere death match against two, three, or four players. A series of free-roaming 3D levels is what’s in store for the single mission player wherein each level requires you to complete a set of objectives. These objectives range from rescuing hostages, collecting or destroying specified items, or meeting with NPCs where you exit the stage thereafter.

If you have seen the film, there are some of the gadgets that have been used by James Bond that is featured in the game. These are often used to complete certain objectives, such as the electromagnetic watch from Live and Let Die is to be utilized to acquire a jail cell key to proceed. The list of weapons keeps going on in the game as they range from pistols, assault rifles, throwing knives, grenades, and even submachine guns as well.

More Talks on the GamePlay

Golden Eye ROM-GameplayUnlike other shooting games where they give out a seemingly infinite amount of ammo, here it is limited. Players need to reload their guns in order to shoot another round. Depending on the type of weapon, they all have their own number of shots to be fired before they need to be reloaded. However, it is possible for the player to pick up as many weapons in the current mission that he is in.

The initial gun of the player is the PP7 which is James Bond’s Walther PPK. Most of the weapons in the game have been modeled on real-life counterparts but their names have been changed. The rest are fictitious weapons that have been featured on the James Bond films. Depending on the body part that they hit, the damage and penetration differ from weapon to weapon in the game.

Stealth is Everything

A skill that is significant in GoldenEye is Stealth. Shooting frequently could easily alert guards which would result in the activation of certain alarms thus summoning other enemies on to your mission. To avoid this, you have to eliminate security cameras then eliminate the guards one after another before they see you and before other guards can hear the commotion. Some of the weapons enable players to take advantage with the use of telescopic sight attachments so that enemies can easily be killed with discretion.

Another thing to consider is that there are no health potions in the world of GoldenEye so you have to hide and sneak up to your enemies in order to kill them one by one. Despite not having any healing items, players could acquire an armor vest to have an extra life bar.Download Golden Eye ROM

The Various Missions in the Game

The game’s campaign is composed of twenty missions overall. The player is allowed to track his or her progress as four save files are given. Each of the files could be played on either being an Agent, a Secret Agent, or lastly a 00-Agent that are arranged in increasing difficulty. It becomes more difficult as you play as a higher ranking agent as some of the factors have been altered. Some of which is the damage of which the enemy could withstand as well as inflict to you, another is the capable ammunition available, and lastly, the number of objectives that are needed to complete in order to finish the mission.

After a mission is finished, the player has the option to progress further or either play on previously completed missions. As players complete missions that have particular target times, they would be entitled to some cheat options that would change the gameplay drastically. After completing the whole game, an additional mode would be unlocked, called the “007 mode” that would enable the player to adjust the enemies’ health, aiming, accuracy, damage, and reaction time on any mission that they want.

The Artistic Design

The game was developed by Rare but was directed by Martin Hollis. He was previously the second programmer on the coin-up version of the well-known Killer Instinct fighting arcade game. After Nintendo and Rare discussed the possibility of creating a game based on the James Bond film GoldenEye, Hollis told them that he was interested.

As Donkey Kong Country was a huge hit on that time period, Rare was planning to make the game a 2D side-scrolling platformer but Hollis proposed to make it a 3D shooting game and created a document containing all of the weapons, gadgets, characters, and story digression which was later approved. The team designated for this project went multiple times to the studio of the GoldenEye film to take photographs and blueprints of the set. These were later incorporated on to the game enabling fans to love it even more.

Why Download the GoldenEye ROM?

James Bond was popular back then and this game was the first one to hit the hearts of their fans. However, in order to play the game nowadays, aside from the old console setup, you need to download the GoldenEye ROM. This allows you to play the game on to your modern device. Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or even a laptop, the GoldenEye ROM would give you access to this outstanding game.

The game was released in the mid 90’s and there could be a possibility that some of the friends that you know are secretly fans of the James Bond films. Downloading the GoldenEye ROM would enable you to share the game for them to enjoy as well. Only download files from reputable sources so you need to download the GoldenEye ROM right here for your safety.

Download Golden Eye ROM