GoldenEye N64 ROM

GoldenEye N64 ROM: Stealth for Victory

Taking more than two years to develop, the GoldenEye 007 video game was made with pure quality. It was released for the Nintendo 64 gaming console way back in 1997. GoldenEye 007 was highly acclaimed by the gaming media selling more than eight million copies worldwide. The game is retrospectively considered to be an important game in the history of first person shooting as it gave an approach to a more realistic style of gaming. This is the third best selling Nintendo 64 game so download the GoldenEye N64 ROM to experience this amazing shooting game.

Download Golden Eye ROM

The Marvelous Storyline

The story puts you in the year 1986, in the place called Arkhangelsk of the Soviet Union. M16 or also known as the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), has managed to reveal a hidden chemical weapons facility located at the Byelomorye Dam nearby. Fellow 00-agent Alec Trevelyan and James Bond himself are set in a mission to infiltrate the facility by planting explosives. However, as the mission commences, Trevelyan was killed by Colonel Arkady Ourumov though James Bond manages to swiftly flee through an aeroplane.

Five years after those events, in 1991, James Bond is tasked to head over to Severnaya, Russia to investigate a satellite control station. The main individuals to be investigated are Natalya Simonova and Boris Grishenko who are both programmers working on the said station. Two years pass by and after the mission in Severnaya, Bond goes to Kyrgyzstan to investigate an unscheduled test firing. This is believed to be just a cover up for the launch of GoldenEye which is a satellite.

This powerful space-based weaponry works by firing concentrated electromagnetic pulses at any target within the Earth’s coverage in order to disarm any electrical circuit within range. As James Bond leaves the missile silo, he is attacked by Ourumov along with this squad of Russians. However, in this encounter, Ourumov manages to flee.

The Progressing Events…

The rest of the game takes place in the year 1995 as James Bond visits Monte Carlo. He is assigned to investigate the despicable La Fayette and there he manages to rescue a good number of hostages. He was also successful in setting a tracker bug on to the Eurocopter Tiger helicopter before its take off as it was stolen by the syndicates of the Janus Crime. Bond is then sent for the second time back to Severnaya however this time he is captured and held captive in the bunker along with the programmer Natalya Simonova who was betrayed.

Ourumov orders the GoldenEye Satellite’s EMP to be blasted off. Before the complex gets destroyed, the two of them manage to escape the blaze. James Bond then heads to Saint Petersburg where he meets up with ex-agent Valentin Zukovsky in order to meet the chief of the criminal organization. It is later revealed that the death of Alec Trevelyan was just faked by Ourumov. Bond and Natalya escape from Trevelyan but are then captured by the Russian police Mishkin.Download Golden Eye ROM

The Chase Continues…

Natalya is then recaptured by Ourumov while Bond sets a chase within the streets of St. Petersburg. Bond then reaches an arms depot that was used by Janus. James Bond then destroys the weaponry stores and hitches a ride on board the missile train of Trevelyan. Bond manages to kill Ourumov and then rescue Natalya as well. Meanwhile, Trevelyan and his ally named Xenia Onatopp has escaped on to their secret based that is established somewhere in Cuba.

Being rescued by Bond, Natalya accompanies him to the wide Caribbean. As they survey the Cuban Jungle high up on the air, their lightweight aircraft is gunned down. Having survived the crash, they search the ground for any guards but they are attacked by Xenia. Despite that, James Bond manages to kill the foe quickly. He then sneaks Natalya on to the control center in hopes to disrupt the transmissions sent to the GoldenEye. Being an expert programmer, Natalya was successful and blows up the satellite on the atmosphere. Trevelyan tries to escape once again and gather an army to fight them however this time, he is defeated by Bond in a shoot out on the platform inside.

Why Download the GoldenEye N64 ROM?

Download Golden Eye ROMROM stands for Read-Only Memory but in terms of emulating, it means copying certain files that are needed for installation which then allows you to transfer it on to an external medium such as a hard drive, a flash drive, or even a USB drive. With the GoldenEye n64 ROM, you would be able to access the game without the need of having the bulky Nintendo 64 itself.

As we have modern devices nowadays, you can opt to play the game there. As long as you download the GoldenEye N64 ROM, you will be able to install the game and conquer the tough missions that the game offers. This outstanding game was reviewed by gaming critics and has been highly acclaimed. Selling millions of copies worldwide and being the third most bought Nintendo 64 game, having the GoldenEye N64 ROM is a must for those adventure shooter gamers out there.

Download only from reputable sources

It is a must to download files from reputable sources because these external files could contain malware or other harmful viruses. Once infiltrate by such threats, your gaming device could suffer some damage and even cause a wipe out of all of your important files. The GoldenEye N64 ROM is a file that is trusted by the many fans of the James Bond series so you would not have to worry about any threats to arise after installing the game.

The GoldenEye N64 ROM works straightforward as it only installs the needed files for you to play the game. Another advantage of this is that you could play the game from a different perspective. Not in another angle but rather on to a larger display. With all of the screen sizes that are readily available on to the market, you could choose which one would best suit your gaming needs.


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